IX Specialized Exhibition “Heating”

Main products exhibited: Modern systems of heating. Systems of gas and energy supply. Heating technique of different types of fuel. Ventilation systems and equipments. Pipelines and chimneys. Fittings and valves. Thermal curtains, heat exchangers and radiators. Boilers and boiler equipment. Sun collectors. Stoves, fire-places and accessories, assembling equipment. Planning, editing and maintenance of the systems […]

XXXII International Exhibition “BudEXPO-Autumn”

Main products exhibited: Technology of modern construction. Building construction, machinery and tools. Construction and decoration materials. Design, architecture, restoration.. Electrical equipment. Pools. Water supply system. Ventilation and air conditioning. Energy-saving technologies and materials. Road-building machines and equipment. Elevators and elevator equipment. Windows and doors from PVC, wood and aluminum. Hardware and accessories. Roofing and waterproofing […]

XXI International Festival of Contemporary Music “Contrasts”

The main aim of the festival is to present modern Ukrainian music within the world context. The program widely presents different generations of Ukrainian composers. Special attention is paid to the Western European music, classic of 20th century in particular. “Contrasts” festival does not tend to be an anthology of contemporary styles and trends, do […]

Lviv IT Arena

If you want to be in the loop on the world’s latest IT trends, why not talk to the trendsetters personally? Lviv IT Arena 2015 will bring together more than 100 outstanding speakers to share their unique experiences with you. All the latest technologies, hottest IT trends and extremely productive networking – that’s what Lviv […]

«EU – Ukrzaliznytsia: new technologies in transportations (EU-UZ’2015)

Changes in Ukraine in recent years demand that conceptual positions of the transportation process should be revised and accordingly clear guidelines of logistic support developed, thus providing formation of new thinking. All of these areas should be considered taking into account railway transport reforming in Ukraine. For Ukrainian railway transport, extremely useful is practical experience […]

National exhibition “Style”

National exhibition “Style” is: • Business Forum, which offers the fashion shown • Demonstration of integrated unity of ideas, creativity and execution • Establishing business relationships between producers and potential consumers • Training site to create a holistic fashion image • Consultation and expert advice  

Specialized Exhibition “IMAGE OF BEAUTY”

The exhibition “Image of Beauty” is: Specialized professional platform to showcase brands in hair-styling, cosmetics, make-up and nail aesthetics; Presentation of salon services and specialized institutions; Specialized seminars for beauty industry professionals; Professional accompanying measures aimed at ensuring the presence of exhibition stands on your target audience.

International Congress of Podiatrists in Lviv

The biggest event of the year for pedicure masters, podiatric physicians, surgeons and orthopedists.

Conference “Nanomaterials: Application and Properties”

The conference is devoted to new actual problems of modern Material Science, such as technology of nanomaterial production, and research; properties of nanoparticles, and nanosystems. The conference is also focused on the applications of nanoobjects and nanostructured matters in Hi-Tech Industry, Biology, Medicine, Chemistry etc.

VII City Festival “Have a cup of coffee in Lviv”

VII City Festival “Have a cup of coffee in Lviv” is Coffee Festival, during which there are coffee fair, tastings of coffee, coffee cocktails and desserts. During the Festival there are Voting for the best coffee house in Lviv and Western Ukrainian Barista Championship, where the best barista from Lviv and Western Ukraine compete.