Update! The deadline for applications for Support Package has been extended.

Lviv Convention Bureau has launched a Support Package for the conference industry, which includes financial, expert and informational help to the organizers of national and international conferences to be held in Lviv in 2021. Applications are accepted from October 1 to November 30, 2020. 

Still not sure if you can take advantage of the Support Package, then we recommend reading the answers to frequently asked questions.

How to apply for the support package?

You must complete the form till November 30. Then a special commission will select the winners based on criteria.

Who can apply?

National and local associations, higher education institutions, research institutes, medical institutions, private companies, professional conference organizers and their representatives (scientists, physicians and others).  

What is the maximum amount I can get for my conference?

You can get not more than 25 thousand UAH. The amount should not exceed 75% of the total budget of the event

What kind of expenses money can be used?

According to the Regulations of the Program you can spend money for: 

  • transportation costs for speakers (passenger transportation as part of the event);
  • accommodation of participants/ delegates, but not more than 1500,00 UAH per person (day);
  • meals for participants/ delegates, but not more than 250,00UAH per person (lunch, dinner, coffee break);
  • technical support during the event;
  • rent of a conference hall and other venues for the event;
  • interpretation services;
  • promotional activities (printing / production of printing products, purchase of presentation and promotional products);
  • travel agency services (sightseeing tours of the city).

If I need to change cost items, can I do so?

At the end of 2020, the company’s budget is signed for next year, contracts are agreed with suppliers  in accordance with Prozorro procedures. In forming the budget, Lviv Convention Bureau takes into account the needs of the organizers and signs the cost items. Each case is individual.

What kind of suppliers can I work with?

The list of  suppliers  will be provided by Lviv Convention Bureau after the Prozorro procurement procedure.

Can I use the grant to pay suppliers from Kyiv / Kharkiv, but hold the event in Lviv?

Preference will be given to suppliers who are registered and carry out their business activities in Lviv.

Can I get cash?

No, Lviv Convention Bureau pays directly to the accounts of  suppliers.

What kind of documents must be submitted after the event?

The winner of the competition after the financing of the event provides the organizer with financial and creative reports in printed and electronic versions within a period not exceeding 3 (three) weeks after the end of the event.

What if my event is postponed indefinitely during the year or the following year due to quarantine restrictions?

You have to write a letter to Lviv Convention Bureau to ensure the preservation of funding for 2021-2022. In this case, funding is retained.

Can Lviv Convention Bureau organize a conference for me?

Lviv Convention Bureau is not an event organizer, but can provide the conference organizer with the contacts of the necessary suppliers, professional event organizers and agree on discounts in hotels /venues.

Is it obligatory to add the logo of Lviv Convention Bureau on promotional materials?

Yes, of course. Recommendations for proper coverage of promotional materials will be provided to the organizer after confirmation of the won grant.

Questions left? Still not sure if you can use the Support Package? We recommend watching video from Lviv Convention Bureau.

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