Danylo Halytskyi International Airport ‘‘Lviv’’ is the biggest airport in Western Ukraine according to passenger flow and destination network. It is located in the southwestern part of the city and has favorable location to the main city infrastructure objects.   As of now destination network of the airport consists of more than 30 routes. The new airport terminal was put into service on April 12, 2012 specially for the UEFA European Сhampionship 2012. The total area of 39,000 sq. m; 9 departure gates, 4 of which are jet bridges; 28 check-in desks, 2 self-service check-in kiosks; 18 passport control checkpoints; 12 aviation security control checkpoints ; 15 airlines ; VIP-lounges for the passengers of international and domestic flights ; modern Duty Free ; 2 parking lots with 238 parking places .

Main Railway Station. Lviv was the first city in Ukraine with it’s own railway.The first train arrived to Lviv from Vienna on November 4, 1861. Today Railway provides international connection to Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria.  As for domestic rail service, the majority of trains running to Western Ukraine go through Lviv – you only have to choose the one that suits you. When you get to Lviv by train it’s very easy to get everywhere in the city by tram, bus or taxi.

Bus Station “Lviv”. Many regular bus routes in Western Ukraine (both direct or transit) run to Lviv from virtually every city, town or village. A number of regular bus routes run from almost from every city in Ukraine and the largest cities of the European Union to Lviv. You can get to Lviv by regular bus from Netherlands, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, UK, Spain, Belarus, Russia, Germany, France, Czech, Latvia, Italy, Estonia, Austria, Latvia, Poland. If you are coming from abroad it is easier to get to Lviv from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries. As a rule, regular international buses stop at the Central Bus Station in Lviv (AS-1).