On May 15, the finalists of Ukrainian Translator Contest will compete for the victory. This year – online. Participants will have to write the final translation, to express themselves during interactive tasks. Moreover they will meet with leading figures in the translation and cultural industry of Ukraine. Among the speakers of the finals are Viktor Morozov, Kateryna and Anatoliy Pityk, Iryna Lebedeva, Svitlana Bregman. The winners of the competition will receive a ticket to the largest translation conference of Ukraine UTICamp-2021 and other valuable prizes.

Launched in 2004, the contest covers more than 700 students of schools and universities each year. Over the 16 years of the contest, more than 15,000 participants from all over Ukraine have taken part in it. This year’s event is truly unique, because this is the first translation contest that will unite high school and university students. The contest is organized by Linguistic Center® Translation and Localization Company. The director is Tetyana Struk – Lviv Honorary Ambassador.

The participants translate from 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, and Czech.

«European Lviv is not only a gala day, it is also a unique opportunity to decide whether you want to be in the translation industry. We encourage our participants to explore opportunities around them, act, learn non-stop and try, try, try!», says Anastasiya Struk, coordinator of the contest.

The competition is held with the support of Lviv Convention Bureau and is financed in the framework of the program Support Package for the Development of the Conference Industry in Lviv.

About the contest: European Lviv is a Ukrainian contest of translators among high school students (2004-2019) and university students (2020). The goal is to draw the attention of young people to learn foreign languages, encourage and support them in choosing translation as a sphere of professional activity, build and strengthen the youth community of language specialists, as well as create a platform for self-expression and personal growth with the help of alternative sources of training.