Lviv Convention Bureau together with the City Institute within the project EBED (Building Capacity in Evidence-Based Economic Development in Ukrainian Oblasts and Municipalities Project) developed an investment proposal for the Lviv Conference Center.

Lviv has been remarkably successful in developing its tourist industry. This success is partly due to the city’s established image as a gateway to Ukraine and also its outstanding multicultural heritage. Future growth in this industry will require additional investment in infrastructure, especially in new facilities for business travelers, the MICE segment.

Lviv Conference Center (LCC) is an investment project with high social significance. The project involves the construction of a conference facility with a capacity of up to 3,500 attendees. It is designed to generate sizable economic and social benefits to a diverse range of stakeholders, starting with local SMEs and extending to the broader beneficiaries of Ukraine’s increasing integration into the international community.

The LCC project is aimed at creating “public good” infrastructure that will bring extra revenue (est. USD 70m yearly) and employment (up to 3,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs) to the region. It will also have a substantial positive impact on the local tourism industry by popularizing Lviv in business circles and attracting high-value visitors. The project offers a unique opportunity to invest in a high-profile business that, in combination with grant funding, will generate an attractive return on investment (ROI).