• 5 Залів
  • 544м2 Площа всіх залів
  • 300 осіб Найбільший зал
  • 320м2 Площа найбільшого залу
  • 101 Номерів

Bank Hotel concept originates from the combination of the symbolic image of the ancient city of Lion and the historic fate of the building in which the hotel is located. Built in 1912 as a representation of Austro-Hungarian bank, the building received not only the latest technical equipment of that time but also the proper look that was associated with the client with stability, solid capital and respectability. The reconstruction of the house gave it a new role – congress hotel. Art Congress Hall represents the premises for conferences, negotiations, etc., which, due to the sliding partitions, are transformed either in separate rooms or in the one big hall. A lounge area with a courtyard adjoins the conference hall and can be used for catering.

Halls list

icon Фуршет icon Бенкет icon Театр icon Клас icon П-форма м2
Art Congress Hall 300 120 270 120 - 320 м2
VIP Meeting Room - - - - 12 34 м2
Meeting Room A 40 - 60 30 24 70 м2
Meeting Room B 30 - 50 24 24 90 м2
Meeting Room C, D, E, F, G 30 - 20 12 12 30 м2