The aim of the Programme “Scientific Lviv” is promotion of Lviv’s scientific potential both in Ukraine and abroad, popularization of its prominent scientists, inventions, and research, as well as development of business tourism by means of holding significant scientific business events in the city.

It is anticipated that in 2016 the Programme’s funding will be 500 000 UAH (19 400 USD). It anticipates 250 000 UAH (9 700 USD) will be spent on the contest of social and scientific projects, and another 250 000 UAH (9 700 USD) – on awards for talented scientists.

Winners will be chosen by governing council of scientists and representatives of higher education institutions.

Conferences will be evaluated according to criteria, established by the Programme’s regulations. The governing council will take into consideration such criteria as international and national recognition of the speakers, the significance of conference theme for national environment, support provided by education institutions, recognition by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and financial contribution of conference’s organisers.

On defining the winners of award for talented scientists, the governing council will consider nominee’s academic awards, scientific publications, national and international patents, teaching experience, oral presentations at international conferences and other criteria specified in the Programme’s regulation.

Lviv is remarkable to be the only city in Ukraine to have allocated funds from the city budget to support scientific conferences and talented scientists.