«It’s My Lviv»

“Every crack in the walls of the old stone buildings is a wrinkle in History.”

Many people in the west do not know Ukraine. They do not know where it is, the allure of it’s flavor, or the quality of its offerings. Everyone knows Paris, Vienna, and Shanghai, but Lviv is a different choice. After decades under Soviet rule, Lviv has emerged a thriving, modern city against the backdrop of a medieval past.

Monuments seem to whisper to us of erstwhile moments, the cobblestone city center blooms with flowers and outdoor cafes, and the spirt of youth in a historic town inspired Peter Black (CNN, 2012) to call Lviv, The Last Hidden Gem of EuropeCome, find out why, feel the pull of time and beauty. And if you do, you too will be saying, “It’s my Lviv.”

 Liza Kuznietsova, La Boussole, Issue 10, 2018


Visitors to Lviv Share at least one feeling, they always want to return, they feel the tug of ”It’s My Lviv.”

Lviv is not an incentive destination with beaches and water, it is not Paris or Vienna or Munich with world-class museums. Lviv’s appeal is its different from conventional destinations, a smaller big city, new to most, still undiscovered.

«Lviv unwinds the tangle of its story. Follow the thread see the architecture from the 13th and 14th centuries. The aura of the city will reach into your hearts and leave something in return.»

Liza Kuznietsova, La Boussole, Issue 10, 2018

Engaged Community

Inter-connection of educational, research, medical, business, public and creative force adds to Lviv’s candidacy as a meeting destination.
IT Arena every September brings together the smartest engineers in Europe.

Education and youth

33 higher education institutions.
Thriving IT community.
Strong English capacity.
Literacy rate of 99.97 %, 3rd highest in the world.

Every year the city's youth community organizes the largest forum on youth policy «Molodvizh».


Lviv Opera and ballet in year-long repertoire.
Philharmonic year-round.
MozArt Festival with renown conductor Oksana Lyniv, native of Lviv.
Leopolis Jazz Festival attracts people from all over the world.


International Airport with direct flights to 54 cities.
Railway Station that connects all Ukrainian cities.
126 hotels, 8905 beds, 136 conference venues.
Arena Lviv for larger delegations with 3,500 m2 of indoor space.
1,500 restaurants and cafes.


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