Your personal partner in Lviv

Lviv Convention Bureau does its best to ensure that your event will be successful. Our young, motivated professionals will provide support and prepare proposals for your conference events in Lviv.
Lviv CVB is a partner of the Event Industry Forum.
With our support Lviv won the right to hold international congresses of pediatric oncology surgeons, urban planners, and IT specialists.

Lviv City Council Support

Conference industry is a priority for the development of scientific, medical, technological and economic potential of Lviv.
Lviv City Council is a partner of key conference events: BOOK Forum, IT Arena, Lviv Media Forum, Lviv Eco-forum, Dental Ukraine, TourExpo.
You receive support of the city in holding your conference event with the possibility of personal involvement of Lviv City Mayor.

Active local community

Lviv is a dynamic city in which educational, research, medical, business, public and creative industries are actively functioning and developing.
There are 461 IT companies, 150 private clinics, 30 research and development institutions in Lviv.
The professional local community is united into 8 clusters: tourism, IT, medicine, education, printing, biotechnology, fashion, woodworking.

Young and educational city

There are 33 universities in the city, where 140 thousand students study.
Innovative educational institutions have been created on the basis of universities: Lviv Tech Startup School, Lviv Business School.
In 2018, Lviv became the youth capital of Ukraine. The city is developing a network of creative youth spaces - TVORY. Every year, the dynamic youth community organizes the largest forum on youth policy «Molodvizh».


New city transport infrastructure (airport, railway station, roads), modern and interactive locations (museums, cultural, artistic and youth centers, art galleries, libraries) create comfortable conditions for conference events.
Lviv has 144 hotels of various types (4318 rooms), 74 conference venues, 1,500 restaurants and cafes. More than 50 different festivals are held every year.
What distinguishes Lviv from other cities is the unique locations for conferences is legendary conceptual restaurants.

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International associations' meetings in Lviv

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