• 1 Зал
  • 300м2 Площа всіх залів
  • 250 осіб Найбільший зал
  • 300м2 Площа найбільшого залу

Park. Art of Rest – a splendid place to have a rest in a city park zone! Some minutes away from the center of Lviv and you find yourself in the atmosphere of calmness, beauty, art and refined taste. In this ocean of freshness and space, in the middle of a fast moving and bustling city, you get into a wonderful world of Park. Art of Rest entertainment complex that is open 7 days a week having a “party place“, a big outdoor dining area with the magnificent view overlooking the green oasis of the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Central Culture and Recreation Park. Entertainment complex Park is a territory of bright moments of your life!

Halls list

icon Фуршет icon Бенкет icon Театр icon Клас icon П-форма м2
Art Hall 250 200 230 - - 300 м2
Meeting room 100 60 80 - - 180 м2
100 80 70 - - 150 м2
40 30 20 - - 60 м2