How can the international professional community help Lviv and Ukraine to recover? How mission based associations can contribute to Ukraine’s victory and leave a positive impact? Lviv Convention Bureau tried to find answers at the first edition of UNBROKEN EMERGENCY SUMMIT that was held in Lviv, October 30. 

Representatives of International associations and organizations come to Lviv to get familiar with the city’s needs in the process of recovery after the russian war. LCB team presented the main projects of Lviv in the fields of medicine, energy, environment, civil society and education to encourage international associations to cooperate and make their contribution to Ukraine’s victory.
The main focus was on making partnership in knowledge sharing between Ukrainians specialists and their foreign colleagues. LCB also pays attention to medical projects concerning the ecosystem of rehabilitation that is established in Lviv right now and all projects within it. Delegates visited the National Rehabilitation Center “UNBROKEN”, to get to know more about what Lviv needs: infrastructure facilities, equipment, funding.

Apart from presentations and excursion to UNBROKEN Rehabilitation center, there was a discussion among international association representatives and local community moderated by James Latham on what we can do to establish new collaborations, new partners, who can deliver resources to Lviv’s needs.
UNBROKEN EMERGENCY SUMMIT was an invitation to international organizations, especially the professional association and corporate sectors, to fulfill their missions and leave a positive impact – a handprint – that they can be proud of – and we as Ukrainians can be grateful for.