• 3 Зали
  • 152м2 Площа всіх залів
  • 80 осіб Найбільший зал
  • 60м2 Площа найбільшого залу
  • 72 Номерів

Leopolis is a luxurious boutique hotel in Lviv located right in the heart of the historic part of the city where one can still feel the romantic spirit and the old city Bohemian atmosphere. The hotel is a perfect place for rest after a vigorous tourist walk or a business meeting. Leopolis is located in a restored building that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Only one minute walk from Rynok Square, 4 minutes from the Opera Theatre, and 15 minutes from St. George Cathedral. The Leopolis Hotel is a place where people want to gather.

Halls list

icon Фуршет icon Бенкет icon Театр icon Клас icon П-форма м2
Karelia 60 40 80 36 30 60 м2
Library 30 - 30 12 16 47 м2
Hartwall Board Room - - - - 14 45 м2