• 2 Зали
  • 594м2 Площа всіх залів
  • 1000 осіб Найбільший зал
  • 355м2 Площа найбільшого залу

Lviv National Opera hosts international opera festivals and competitions as well as some  other various events.

Lviv National Opera is the only Ukrainian member of the international association ‘‘Opera Europa’’. 

The theater hall serves not only for the conduction of opera performances but also for the solemn start of congresses and forums. 

The mirror hall of the theater is an exquisite chamber stage, which is also a place for welcome receptions and meetings. The VI Presidential Summit for Central European Countries in 1999 took place in the Mirror Hall.

One of the most representative exhibitions held in 2010 was ‘‘Stage Costumes of the World Opera Stars’’ from the collection of La Scala theater in Milan. The theater is always ready to welcome guests from all over the world who appreciate beauty, elite and sophistication.

Halls list

icon Фуршет icon Бенкет icon Театр icon Клас icon П-форма м2
200 - - - 80 239 м2
- - 1000 - - 355 м2