• 2 Halls
  • 414м2 The area of all halls
  • 576 people The largest hall
  • 324м2 Square of the largest hall

The Lviv National Philharmonic is located in a magnificent modernism building, built in 1907 for the Galician Musical Society. This is a unique building with great acoustics and architecture. It is no coincidence that translated from the Greek «Philharmonic» means the love of harmony. The main activity is holding concerts of symphonic, chamber, jazz and pop music; organization of music festivals, literary and artistic events, meetings and exhibitions. The Philharmonic’s premises are also used for special business and corporate events.

Halls list

icon Buffet icon Feast icon Theater icon Class icon U-shape м2
Concert Hall icon Buffet 200 icon Feast - icon Theater 576 icon Class - icon U-shape - м2 Площа 324 м2
Chamber music Hall icon Buffet 100 icon Feast 80 icon Theater 80 icon Class 60 icon U-shape 60 м2 Площа 90 м2