• 1 Hall
  • 130м2 The area of all halls
  • 100 people The largest hall
  • 130м2 Square of the largest hall

This museum offers a facility in the city center with a Conference Hall  for 100 people. It is one of the oldest museums in Ukraine which functions from 1864 and has around 100,000 artifacts of material culture, divided into several collections from Ukraine, Central and Western Europe and the Orient. 

The renewed exposition is unique in Central and Eastern Europe, as it offers visitors to get acquainted with the development of European decorative and applied arts of almost five centuries – from late Gothic to Art Deco style (which none of the museums in Ukraine have) and provides an opportunity see the best examples of this cultural heritage preserved by the museum.

Halls list

icon Buffet icon Feast icon Theater icon Class icon U-shape м2
Conference Hall icon Buffet - icon Feast - icon Theater 100 icon Class - icon U-shape - м2 Площа 130 м2