• 2 Зали
  • 327м2 Площа всіх залів
  • 200 осіб Найбільший зал
  • 189м2 Площа найбільшого залу
  • 59 Номерів

The location of the hotel allows you to get to any part of ancient Lviv quickly. Within walking distance there are Central and Suburban Railway Stations, the Church of St. Elizabeth, the shopping center. But, despite this, the hotel is located in a cozy place, free from the noise and bustle of the modern world. Convenient transport links help to get to know the city better.

Halls list

icon Фуршет icon Бенкет icon Театр icon Клас icon П-форма м2
Classic Hall 200 150 150 70 60 189 м2
Modern Hall 70 40 70 30 30 138 м2