• 2 Halls
  • 89м2 The area of all halls
  • 50 people The largest hall
  • 65м2 Square of the largest hall

The Center for Urban History of East Central Europe was founded in 2004 as a private non-profit organization. As a historical research institute focusing on urban history, the Center is involved in a range of activities like supporting and conducting academic research and digital projects, hosting international conferences and workshops as well as offering public history projects (exhibitions, public lectures and discussions, educational programs).

The Center’s mission is to advance research in urban history and to facilitate open and critical discussions about the past in contemporary society. The Center strives to promote ethical, competitive, and professional standards among young academics and practitioners in Ukraine; to advance an inclusive approach to the past and to a vision for the future in Ukraine; to advocate for publicly engaged and socially responsible communities. As an institute that not only researches the city of the past,but also lives and works in the contemporary city, the Center goes beyond academic activity to support cultural and other public initiatives.

Halls list

icon Buffet icon Feast icon Theater icon Class icon U-shape м2
Conference Hall icon Buffet 100 icon Feast - icon Theater 50 icon Class 20 icon U-shape 30 м2 Площа 65 м2
Meeting Room icon Buffet - icon Feast - icon Theater 12 icon Class - icon U-shape 8 м2 Площа 24 м2