From 15th to 17th of May employees of the «Lviv Convention Bureau» in cooperation with representatives from the Tourism department of Lviv City Council participated in HIF Lviv (Hospitality Industry Forum) and it is the second time that Lviv hosted this forum. During the event volunteers provided organizational assistance, accompanied all the guests and had an opportunity to hear interesting lectures and master-classes from Ukrainian top-specialists in hospitality. In particular, the main topic was «Prospects of the hospitality development in Lviv and the region».

HIF«HIF Lviv aims to create a platform for a discussion on development of Lviv and region in terms of being the sole provider of hotel and tourist services. There is a necessity to strengthen the position of Lviv as a direction for different tourism types. In order to involve hoteliers and restaurateurs to the discussion about objectives of the hotel industry in the region, «Milina Outsourcing» and «Hotelier & Restaurateur» organized a 2-day forum for the hospitality industry leaders in Lviv region and Ukraine», – mentioned the organizers.

The main panel discussions and lections took place in «Leopolis Hall», «Astoria», «Leopolis», «Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort» and Lviv Hostorical Museum. Forum was carried out in the new mobile format, as participants were moving around the city constantly, visiting new places, had an opportunity to see different hotels and restaurants, exchange experience with the colleagues. «HIF Lviv» appeared to be one of the most vivid profile events of the month.