Lviv held the International Media Forum that gathered more than 400 media experts, public leaders, intellectuals and policymakers from different countries in one shelter. The main topic of the event was “Before and after war. How can civilization defeat chaos?”.

The participants talked about freedom; how to win the war without losing the peace. The focus was on how to act after the war to achieve justice through international organizations for Ukrainians who suffered from the war.

Even after the event organizers continue to keep in touch with international colleagues and create together different projects to help Ukrainians.

In order to draw attention to the necessity of a professional discussion on the role of independent journalism, Media Forum with partners at EEAS have released a series of 5 conversations between pairs of journalists from different regions: Eastern Partnership countries, Central Asia, MENA, Western Balkans, Latin America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.


Photos and info: Lviv Media Forum