Lviv Convention Bureau invited Director of MICE Knowledge Dr. Rob Davidson to visit Lviv and share his experience at tourism forum.  He arrived in Lviv, for the first time to Ukraine  to be speaker atourism Forum “Win with th e Lion”. During his stay MICE-star met with students from Faculty of Intenational relations at Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko.

Students discussed conference industry, business and tourism, world trends. They also learned how the tourism market works, what are the differences between the generations of baby boomers, X and Y etc.

Rob Davidson main areas of expertise are conferences and incentive travel, and he has written seven books on these themes. He has carried out research projects for a number of major organisations including the Poland Convention Bureau and the Ireland National Tourism Development Authority, he also teaches as a Visiting Professor in five European universities. He was honored with multiple awards, among those is the Lifetime Achievement Award at the IBTM WORLD exhibition in Barcelona in 2017.

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