In total, 99 countries were represented in Madrid at General Assembly. Forty countries voted in favor and 11 against, including Syria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Korea, China and Egypt.

Russia will not be able to exercise the rights or enjoy the privileges of UNWTO membership. This means it will not be able to receive services from the Organization, including Technical Assistance, nor will the Russian Federation be able to participate in any UNWTO meetings or events, be permitted to put forward any candidates to serve on UNWTO’s statutory bodies, or to vote in elections to UNWTO organs or to propose a candidate to serve as Secretary-General.

Right now, nature reserves are dying under russian fire, the world’s only historical and cultural monuments are exploding, and the caterpillars of tanks are plundering the untouched steppe. Many of these staples will no longer be possible to revive. It will be impossible to resurrect thousands of Ukrainians killed by Russia. Peaceful, freedom-loving and sincere Ukrainians. They do not live anymore”, said Mariana Oleskiv the head of State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine.