According to the results of the Lviv Convention Bureau research, in 2018 Lviv hosted 430 conferences with more than  83 000 delegates.

The sphere, in which the most of conferences were held, is science (18.3%). Also, most of the conferences were devoted to IT (13.7%), business and economics (13.4%), medicine (12.6%), and education (7.4%).

As in the previous year, almost half of all the conferences, 214 or 49,7 % from all the amount had a national status. On the second place there are local conferences – 130 conferences in 2018. Summing up international conferences, there were held 86 of them, that is 12% more than last year.

The most popular months for holding the events are October (65th), March (55th) and April (56th).

Also, analyzing the number of conferences over the past 4 years, it can be seen that their growth in the period 2015-2018 is almost doubled from 237 to 430 events.

If to categorize conferences by size, we can say that Lviv hosted 217 small conferences (up to 100 people), 129 medium-sized (100-250 people), 50 large (250-500) and 34 conferences with over 500 participants.

The average duration of the conference in Lviv is 2,3 days.