The All-Ukrainian annual event about and for youth gathered 3000 participants, 24 speakers and 35 volunteers. The slogan of this year’s festival is “4.5.0”, which is the code of the Ukrainian military, and is deciphered as “everything is calm”. 

The organizers held an event in the shelter. The organizers focused on the topics of lectures on the issues of war, volunteering, mental health, rebuilding the country, media literacy and Ukraine’s path to the EU.  

Among the key speakers of the event were: Melaniya Podolyak, Max Shcherbyna, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Vitaliy Portnykov, Taras Chmut, Yulian Chaplinskyy, Ostap Ukrayinets and Ivan Semesyuk.

In addition to the lectures, there were quests and games about media literacy, training in first aid, making furniture and weaving nets.