Having been at different trade shows this year Lviv Convention Bureau was asked a lot of questions about daily life in Lviv. Our friends asked us, if restaurants open, what PCOs do, how hotels operate. 

Of course, you read and watch the news. You understand that war is not an easy time for business. You may probably draw pictures in your head of all disasters that happened in Ukraine. And a lot of this will be true. Some of them will be exaggerated.

Our team wants to tell you a real story. One case from Leopolis hotel in Lviv. This material was published by Hmarochos Media. We just want to retell you a short version.

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Leopolis Hotel in Lviv

This autumn Leopolis hotel finished its renovation that was planned long before the war. One more time. Hotel in Lviv during the war finished renovation of its facade and rooms.

Hard to believe that owners dared to continue renovation during the war. It is a lot of money. And the time is not right, but they did. Journalists asked finnish businessman and the owner of Leopolis hotel Victor Hartwall why he made such a decision.

Let us share with you his comment.

Our family and company have a close connection with Ukraine and its people. We believe in this country, we are sure of its victory and the surge of business activity immediately after it. We see what progressive and zealous people live and work here, despite the difficult conditions in which you find yourself: constant danger from missile attacks, blackouts of light and communication, and we understand that Ukraine has a European future.

Impressive! What can we add more! The position is clear.

What is more that The Hartwall family also actively participated in volunteer assistance. 2 trucks of humanitarian aid were organized (estimated cost 65-70 thousand euros each), aimed at the humanitarian needs of refugees in the Lviv region and military personnel on the front lines.

Hotels policy during the war is also clear. It became a shelter for so many people from the eastern regions and Kyiv. Some of the rooms and conference rooms were provided free of charge to foreign volunteers who cooperated with territorial defense, military instructors and people who had limited resources for a nominal fee.

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Leopolis Hotel in Lviv

Now the hotel is operating as usual. In the basement, where there used to be a cigar room, there is a comfortable storage room. Team gradually adapted to power outages – stocking up on thermoses to prepare tea and coffee for guests. They bought a generator that covers critical needs, rechargeable lamps, and candles.

Leopolis owners explain that war can not stop life. They added that they have no right to surrender. If Ukraine’s army is still fighting, why should we give up. Every business now holds its front line. Situation will change soon and Ukraine will be one of the most attractive countries in the world. We invested in the future.

Info: Hmarochos Media

Photos: Leopolis Hotel