Lviv Convention Bureau has continued Support Package for the conference industry, which includes financial, expert and informational help to the organizers of national and international conferences to be held in Lviv in 2022. Applications are accepted from November 29, 2021 to January 31, 2022.

Still not sure if you can take advantage of the Support Package, then we recommend reading the answers to frequently asked questions.

How to apply for the support package?

You have to complete the form till January 31, 2022. Then a special commission will select the winners based on criteria.

 Who can apply?

Higher education institutions, research, medical institutions or entrepreneurs / legal entities-organizers of the event

What is the maximum amount I can get for my conference?

Each event that becomes the winner of this competition receives reimbursement of expenses for the organization of the event in the amount of UAH 25,000.00, which should not exceed 50 percent of the total budget of the event.

In what form is the winner’s event funded?

Funding for the winning events is provided in the form of compensation for the winner of the competition.

How can the winner get a refund?

In order to conclude an agreement on reimbursement of expenses, a legal entity or entrepreneur provides a copy of the signed agreement with the contractor and the invoice to the Lviv Convention Bureau. After submitting these documents no earlier than 5 working days before the event and no later than 7 working days after the event the Lviv Convention Bureau pays a refund (it all depends on how quickly the winner will provide documents).

What kind of expenses can be used?

Any costs for the organization of the event, for which the winner will have a contract, invoice, deed / invoice, are subject to reimbursement.

What kind of suppliers can I work with?

The winner chooses the suppliers at its own discretion (the contractor must be officially registered as a legal entity or a natural person-entrepreneur).

Can I get cash?

No, Lviv Convention Bureau can pay funds only by recalculation in accordance with the reimbursement agreement to the winner’s account. And the winner pays the contractor.

Can Lviv Convention Bureau pay the winner’s contractor?

No.  Lviv Convention Bureau  pays to the account of the winner not earlier than 5 working days before the event. The winner pays the contractor the cost of services.

What kind of documents must be submitted after the event?

The winner of the competition after the financing of the event provides Lviv Convention Bureau for a period not exceeding 2 (two) weeks after the end of the event:

  • documents confirming the implementation of expenses (copies of acts of services provided / invoices and payment orders for payment);
  • financial and creative reports in printed and electronic versions.

What if my event is postponed indefinitely during the year or the following year due to quarantine restrictions?

Write a letter to the Lviv Convention Bureau to save funding for 2022. Funding is not postponed to next year

Can Lviv Convention Bureau organize a conference for me?

Lviv Convention Bureau is not an event organizer, but can provide the conference organizer with the contacts of the necessary suppliers, professional event organizers and agree on discounts in hotels /venues.

Is it obligatory to add the logo of Lviv Convention Bureau on promotional materials?

Yes, of course. Recommendations for proper coverage of promotional materials will be provided to the organizer after announcing the winners of the Program.