Today the whole world celebrates GMID. Every year the Lviv Convention Bureau joins our international community and organizes the best celebration for our partners to emphasize how important our industry is for the international economy. Last 2 years a pandemic changed our traditions. We pivoted to virtual. We organized online events and met each other through a zoom screen. 

In 2022 our team hopes to gather our partners live and plan our recovery. But Russia changed all our beliefs. Instead of preparing events, supporting our conference industry, we became volunteers. Now we are hosting internally displaced persons, we are preparing food, gathering humanitarian aid from every possible organization, we are constantly donating to the army, we are helping international journalists, we are talking about war every moment to spread true information among our international partners. 

2 years ago we wore dresses, we danced, we enjoyed delicious food, we spoke about industry topics, we planned, we had amazing times. Today we changed into comfortable clothes to run when we hear alr alarm. 

Now we have no opportunity to celebrate with partners GMID – 2022. But we want to unite all our friends from industry in our online marathon «GMID-2022. United for Ukraine» on April, 19 at 4 p.m. EEST at our Facebook page. 

We want to explain to you what is going on in Lviv today, how our industry handled war. 

We want to tell you how our PCOs became volunteers at Railway stations, how they met thousands of people every day, and how they organized their work.

We want to show you how our biggest conference venues right now transformed into the biggest shelter for internally displaced persons.

We want to share with you how our catering companies feed people every day for free. 

Also we want to thank our international partners that you claim your position, that you stand with Ukraine. We see every statement, we appreciate every message, we thank each of you for every dollar. We feel your support. It’s amazing to see how our industry can give you a hand during hard times. We know it’s not easy to make decisions towards russia memberships and stop doing business with russia. But, for sure, we know that you understand that people’s lives are important.  

Join our online marathon «GMID-2022. United for Ukraine» on April, 19 at 4 p.m. EEST at our Facebook page. Support  Ukraine, support Lviv!

Together with partners from Poland we will talk about Lviv and its conference facilities, we will discuss how events can bring peace, we will show you how Lviv looks today, how our industry transformed during war. 

We will keep in touch and give you more details soon. Please, save the date in your calendar. Find time to listen to our stories. Be part of a good side. #StandwithUkraine