Since the beginning of the war, Lviv has become a humanitarian and medical hub, where thousands of Ukrainians could get shelter and proper medical treatment. Lviv City Council together with NGOs, businesses launched a lot of activities to make the city more accessible. For example, National Rehabilitation Center “UNBROKEN”, which provides assistance to military and civilians was established in 2022 , the “Veteran’s Assistant” pilot project was launched in 2023, the “City Heals” tour series was started for the first time in Ukraine. Moreover, the Lviv Tourism Office with an NGO developed  the “Hospitality without barriers” guide, and provided accessibility training for restaurants and hotels . 

All these activities demonstrate the city’s desire to become as accessible and inclusive as possible. Of course, it is not enough. But it is the first step. Many institutions have already made transformations to be accessible and to enable people with disabilities to feel comfortable and dignified.

LCB team has prepared several materials on what elements of accessibility already exist in Lviv’s conference locations. Today, we made a first list of conference hotels in the city and the comforts they offer such as:

  • ramps, elevators, handrails;
  • restrooms with special support;
  • Braille menu;
  • use of sign language during conferences;
  • parking for persons with disabilities;
  • specially equipped hotel rooms and restrooms.

In this article, we make a list of hotels in the city center. Let us share with you what we know. 


This is one of the most famous conference hotels in Lviv, where many different business events take place every month. The hotel tries to transform very quickly and take care of the comfort of its guests, including people with disabilities. In particular, the hotel has an electric elevator ramp, a specially equipped restroom on the first floor, and a hotel navigation system. The hotel has parking spaces for people with disabilities and a separate room. Also, hotel employees regularly undergo training on correct communication and proper interaction with people with impaired hearing, vision, prostheses or physical disabilities.


This is the first hotel in Lviv that has a sensor system for opening the entrance door. With just one touch, the door opens automatically, and a person in a wheelchair can easily enter the hotel lobby. Most of the stairs have also been removed, so using the hotel restroom is also not a problem for people with disabilities. Leopolis also offers a room with a wide corridor and easy access to the bathroom with sliding doors.


It has a barrier-free central entrance and a special ramp for easy entry for guests in wheelchairs. The conference hall located on the first floor is convenient for inclusive events. The lobby and conference room have no thresholds or barriers, ensuring unimpeded access for guests. Also, the room base and the restaurant can be easily reached by an elevator with wide openings that meet international standards. The hotel restaurant has no barriers and thresholds, and next to it is a guest toilet with additional handrails. For people with disabilities, the hotel offers a special room designed according to international standards. It features wide doorways, a bedside emergency button, additional handrails and a bathroom seat.


It has an equipped room on the 1st floor for people with disabilities, where there is a toilet and a shower with special support structures. For convenience, there is an elevator and a handrail. There is also a ramp to the summer terrace. The hotel has provided a large parking zone for cars, including several parking slots for people with disabilities.


It offers comfortable conditions for all guests. In particular, the hotel has a separate room for people with disabilities. This also applies to the conference service. The conference rooms on the 1st floor have a separate entrance from the street, which is convenient for wheelchair users. There are inclusive restrooms right next to the conference halls.


It takes care of people with disabilities and wants them to feel comfortable and cozy. The hotel has an accessible entrance, spacious elevators, a toilet for people with disabilities in the lobby and conference hall, a changing table for parents with babies, as well as a hotel room equipped for people with disabilities. It has wide aisles, more free space near the bed, and a barrier-free bathroom.