Last week, the team of the Lviv Convention Bureau spent time in the company of James Latham, a British journalist and founder of a business publication about the conference industry and the legacy left behind by the “ICEBERG” conferences.

We filmed a report about how Lviv and the city’s conference industry is going through the war, how conference events are taking place in the city, what impact they have on the local environment, what legacy they leave behind.

The story of the donor forum in 2022, which was the tipping point for the beginning of the long journey of creating the “UNBROKEN” rehabilitation center, attracted Mr. Latham’s special attention. And also the International Rehabilitation Forum, held in 2023. The forum brought together an incredible number of experts and benefactors who joined together to create the 7th floor rehabilitation center. But it is not only about the funds that were involved, but about the expertise and experience of international partners who came to Lviv to implement joint projects for the benefit of the community.

The visit of James Latham and the shooting of a film about Lviv, conferences, rehabilitation center “UNBROKEN” is aimed at inviting even more international associations to Lviv, so that members of these associations join the projects of the city. And after Ukraine’s victory, congresses, forums, conferences of these international associations will take place in Lviv.

With his film, Mr. Latham wants to show his international colleagues that life in Lviv, despite all the challenges of the war, has not stopped, that the conference industry is alive, that professional event organizers together with local authorities ramp up efforts to ensure that events take place safely, that Lviv needs international professional support.