• 3 Halls
  • 1276м2 The area of all halls
  • 800 people The largest hall
  • 830м2 Square of the largest hall

Lviv Polytechnic National University is the oldest technological university in Eastern Europe and one of the largest in Ukraine.

Since its founding in 1844, it was one of the most important centers of science and technological development in Central Europe. Since 1992, after the proclamation of Independence in Ukraine, Lviv Polytechnic has been developing international connections with foreign universities, scientific institutions, firms and associations.

Large international associations and foundations regularly deliver their regional workshops and presentations on the premises of the University. Every year about 700 representatives from foreign universities visit Lviv Polytechnic for advanced training purposes.

The Assembly Hall of the main building is quite stunning with its double Corinthian columns, original ceiling and luxurious chairs. It is decorated with oil paintings created by Jan Mateyko in the 1880’s. Official meeting and ceremonies frequently take place here.

The Assembly Hall of Building No. 1 is a casual hall with a large capacity. It is often used for student meetings, as well as presentations, and gatherings. Room No. 204 offers modern equipment and provides the best facilities for presentations, international programs, round table discussions, and University Administration meetings.

Halls list

icon Buffet icon Feast icon Theater icon Class icon U-shape м2
Assembly Hall (main building) icon Buffet - icon Feast - icon Theater 800 icon Class - icon U-shape - м2 Площа 829.4 м2
Assembly Hall (building № 1) icon Buffet - icon Feast - icon Theater 150 icon Class 90 icon U-shape 40 м2 Площа 264.4 м2
Room № 214 (main building) icon Buffet - icon Feast - icon Theater 100 icon Class - icon U-shape 50 м2 Площа 181.7 м2
icon Buffet - icon Feast - icon Theater - icon Class - icon U-shape 60 м2 Площа - м2