On February 19, 2022, international and national trichologists came to Lviv to participate in the 3rd International Congress on Hair Restoration Surgery.

The main organizer of the Congress is Myroslava Novosilska, Lviv Honorary Ambassador, dermatologist-oncologist, trichologist, hair transplantologist, head of Ukrainian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, founder of Aesthetic medicine clinic Myroslava Novosilska.

Despite the challenges of the time, the Сongress was held in Lviv for the third time in a row. The spectacular opening of the Сongress, where the flags of the countries participating in the Сongress were symbolically present and the anthem of Ukraine was heard, set the participants up for effective training for the development of Ukrainian medicine.

The participants of the event discussed the latest developments in trichology, micropigmentation and hair transplantation, and exchanged knowledge and experience of the best specialists from different countries of the world.

Participants and speakers were doctors from such countries as Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Georgia, Egypt, Turkey, Argentina, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Ireland, Ukraine, India, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan, France. Those who could not be present in person due to flight restrictions joined the event online.

At the Congress, an expo zone was organized, which presented new devices for stimulating hair growth from France and an apparatus that, without a blood test in a few minutes, completely determines deficiencies in the human body. All participants of the Congress had the opportunity to check the result.

Rapid covid testing was organized before the event to ensure the safety of the participants in the hall.

Other events of Ukrainian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery can be followed on their FB page.