Last days of May Lviv hosted The Ukrainian-Israeli rehabilitation summit. The event became the next level of cooperation in the field of rehabilitation.
It became a good platform for the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan for physical and psychological rehabilitation based on many years of Israeli experience, as well as for dialogue and exchange of ideas about the formation of the post-war future and reconstruction of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, there are not so many professionals in the field of rehabilitation in Ukraine as it is needed. Lviv and other Ukrainian cities need more expertise, need more educational centers, need more doctors that are open to teach and share experience. At the Summit representatives of the public sector, innovative medical centers, international financial institutions and charitable foundations, doctors, scientists, businessmen, as well as technological companies of both countries talked about how they can help in the educational process, in creating new rehabilitation centers.

Israel charitable foundation and association experts agreed to help Ukrainians with educational sessions, with knowledge exchanges programs as well as material resources.