Lviv Honorary Ambassador Orest Zub organized international conference NOMADMANIA UA supported by Lviv Convention Bureau. Travelers from all over the world came to Lviv to share their experience and speak about new trends in traveling among digital nomads.

Speakers spoke about visa requirements for Ukrainians in different countries, travel records in Ukraine and abroad, how to travel, working at office, how to visit all countries of the world, and how many countries are actually on the list.

There were interesting people such as Harry Mitsidis – one of the most active travelers in the world, founder of, Wojciec Dombrowski – a Pole who had been traveling with his backpack for more than 50 years, Konstantin Symonenko – the first Ukrainian who visited all countries in the world, Yana Zubkova – an active traveler and many other.

NOMADMANIA UA is an international conference for professional travelers, organized by travelers. Experts gather every two years to share experiences, discuss how to develop online portal This resource contains detailed statistics for travelers around the world, offering its own map of the world, which highlights 1281 regions.

The past conference was held in the Azores (Portugal) where it brought together 12 travel experts. The key theme of this meeting was «What is a visit’ in an effort to establish clear criteria for all cases as to what is a Minimal Visit which can count». Speakers discussed the criteria for dividing the world map into regions. Territory, population, culture, economy, etc. were taken into account. The previous meeting also mentioned Ukraine and the issues of Donbass. Now the division looks quite illogical in terms of historical, cultural and geographical features. The Commission and Ukrainian travelers, including Orest Zub, intend to amend the map for a better meaningful study of Ukraine.