On February 24, at night, russia attacked Ukraine. Russian soldiers are killing civilians, tapping Ukrainian cities, seizing nuclear power plants, raping women, dropping bombs on maternity hospitals, shopping centers, etc. And all this the russian authorities call a “special operation”. But this is a war against the Ukrainian people.

This is not just a russian-Ukrainian war. It is a war of russia against the entire civilized world, against democratic values. And in this war all fronts work. Yes, fate is decided on the battlefield. But diplomatic and information pressure is what pushes Western politicians to make decisions faster.

The world conference industry, like the entire Western world, is divided into those who recognize russia’s war against Ukraine, express support, stop working with russia, and those who are still waiting, picking up words, and hope that everything will go away. We wish them to recover quickly, to take the side of Ukraine. And now we will focus on those who are already involved in the process of isolating russia.


International Congress and Convention Association has condemned russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The ICCA Board of Directors unanimously decided to cancel all planned events in russia. In addition, russian members will not be able to attend ICCA events. The Association transfers 10 000 euros for humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

ECM – European Cities Marketing

The Association of Tourist Offices, Conference Bureaus and Urban Marketing Organizations in Europe suspended the membership of all russian cities that were members of the association. Tourist offices of European cities (120 cities) send letters to local politicians with a request to close the sky over Ukraine, collect information on accommodation, transport and living privileges in Europe, collect humanitarian aid and send it to Ukraine.

Events Industry Council

The federation, which unites 30 players of the event industry, spoke in defense of Ukraine.


The international platform, which unites organizers of events with locations and cities against the russian attack on Ukraine, provides Ukrainian cities with a free basic membership for one year on its platform. Also, Conferli representatives encourage associations to choose Ukrainian cities to conduct their events after the end of the war, thereby helping the Ukrainian mice market.

 Meeting Professionals International – MPI

The largest association of the meetings and events industry in the world has announced that it will immediately suspend work with all companies in russia, and also stops any plans to open a branch in russia.


A professional organization representing the management of business events, conferences and congresses, with more than 8400 members and branches in 37 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, has condemned russia and calls for financial assistance to Ukraine for all its members.

Society of Independent Show Organizers

Society of Independent Show Organizers has suspended russian members’ access to SISO events and activities. The Society also launched a fundraising campaign in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.


CEO of the IMEX Group Carina Bauer and head of the company Ray Bloom have decided to exclude russian state-owned enterprises from participation in the IMEX exhibition in Frankfurt 2022.


The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, as well as major national and international exhibition associations and individual partners of the exhibition industry, supported Ukraine. The Association will temporarily suspend access to its events for representatives of russian member companies, will not enter into sponsorship agreements with russian business, does not plan any events on the territory of the russian federation. Also, the Association continues to help with the humanitarian aid.

The Strategic Alliance

The network of national organizations for the marketing of destinations excluded the conference bureau of russia from the list of its members.

International associations, members of which are Lviv Honorary Ambassadors and local partners of Lviv Convention Bureau

  • Cioff (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts) excluded russia and belarus from the list of its members.
  • EAHL (European Association of Health Law) adopted a resolution in which it supported Ukraine, condemned the invasion of russia, in particular the violation of the principles of medical neutrality.
  • ECM (European Crystallographic Association) condemned the war of russia in Ukraine, stressed that it plans to hold its congress in Lviv in 2025 without changes.
  • ESPO (European Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology) excluded russia from the list of its members.
  • WMA (World Medical Association) and CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors) supported Ukraine and Ukrainian doctors.
  • ASPHER (The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region) has ceased cooperation with schools and universities in russia.
  • The British Society of Physiology sent a letter of support to Ukraine.
  • Crossref (Association of publishers of scientific publications) supported Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war, sent a letter of support to NTS members.

Support from the convention bureaus in the world

Support from friends of Lviv Convention Bureau

– online meeting with Gorazd Cad to disseminate true information about the war of russia against Ukraine

– an interview with Krzysztof Celuch about the work of Lviv Convention Bureau after the war.

Lviv Convention Bureau urges all partners not to remain silent. This is war! Not a conflict, not a situation. Every day Ukrainians die. No business interests are worth a human life. The war in Ukraine is not as far away as it may seem. The war is gonna hit everyone. We have to defend ourselves together.